Our alpacas stud service

Studs should be bred to give your crias the best temperament and conformation, along with a fine and dense fibre.
At The Flying Alpaca, we believe in only the best for the animals and our customers.
We selected our studs starting from their behaviour and selected qualities that you can see easily in each description.
We have carefully selected the finest quality suri stud males with outstanding genetics and temperaments.
Our studs bring a completely new genetic and bloodline,
in their pedigree they also have coloured or grey genealogy.

We can advise you on how to optimise your own breeding programme, using our exceptional Stud Males, to help you achieve the best results in improving your own herd.
In addition to the Stud Males listed, we have other young stud males starting work every year, at very competitive fees. Just ask.

HCH Dyjon (Sire) Kazimo Jozi (Sire) (coming soon)

HCH Dyjon

HCH Dijon is a well grown male who exhibits a high capacity, volume, and substance of bone. He matured early and his progeny have a robust birth weight and reach maturity at a young age.
His fleece displays great lustrous and good density.

The temperament of this male makes him easy to handle and this trait is readily seen in his progeny. With a pedigree that is heavily populated with Australian genetic, this male produces progeny with a uniform phenotype.

HCH Dijon has astonished us by producing very healthy true black and an appaloosa crias.
He has produced light and dark fawn crias from fawn and brown dams as well.

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Type: Suri
Colour: Harlequin Grey
Date of Birth: 6th June 2018
Registered With: Alpaca Association of Ireland
Service Fees: ‘Available for selected services only’
On Farm: € 350
Drive by: € 450
Mobile*: € 550 + mileage

Kazimo Jozi

Jozi will be our Suri stud starting the next year. He won the 2nd prize in Ireland at the AAI National Show in 2022 in his category.
He is still young, but he's very lustruous but his fleece is especially dense. His temperament is very sweet and gently, is one of the most loved alpacas by children as he loves cuddles and he never spits nor kicks.
Jozi has a beautiful beige fleece, and in his genealogy there is also some grey.
Jozi is also an excellent walker, easy to handle.

  • Suri breed
  • 2nd prize at the AAI National Show
  • Registered with AAI
  • Young
  • Sweet, Friendly & Halter trained
  • Beige
  • UK genetic, championship Sire
  • Sweet and friendly temperament
  • Coloured genetic